Using Yah-hah and Nuh-huh

On the other hand, perhaps you’ve followed the advice from the complete, unabridged version of this article and found it too much effort, what with four simple methods, four easy tactics, three advanced terms, and the ultimate tool. That’s a lot to digest and recall in the heat of verbal battle. Luckily for all there is another way.

Four Simpler, Easier, Advancedier Methods

Wayne’s Way: After any sentence spoken by your opponent, simply say, “Not.”

The Eyes Have It: Hold up one hand at shoulder level with palm toward your opponent. Turn head slightly, roll eyes and say, “Nya-a-a-ah.”

Hand Jibe: As your opponent speaks, hold up one hand at shoulder level as if it were a hand puppet. Work the hand puppet mouth while saying, “Blah, blah, blah…”

Might Makes Right: Punch ’em in the mouth. That shuts ’em up. Argument over.

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