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If you though Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster were elusive, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Nor are you likely to anywhere besides here. There are a dozen elusiver, mysteriouser creatures to be found hiding in the picture. The creature hunter can’t seem to find them, but with the help of our digital bloodhound you can. Move the hound cursor over the scene and see if it can sniff them out. When the hound turns yellow and points, it’s on the scent. Click and the creature with description will reveal itself. Click on the creature to hide it again and continue your search for more. See if you can find all twelve.

Eunuchorn    Filleyo Fish    Ghost of a Chance    Hobnoblin    Jackadopes    Leprechaun-artist    Lost Ness Monster    Missing Lynx    Not Yeti    Poultrygheist    Sasquatter    Waldodo Bird