Take the Personality Test and Discover the True You

1. Where do you do your best thinking?


In the shower

In my head

Outside the box

At the art museum sitting naked on a rock

2. Which description best fits the pic?



Animation background without any animation going on

There’s a big, green cactus on the right. There’s a cattle skull to the left with some grassy-like plants growing nearby. Behind the skull there’s a rusty colored rock cliff with a cave. There are some distant mountains on the horizon. There’s a single bird in the sky, might be a vulture but it’s too small to tell. Then again it could be an M-shaped UFO.


3. Look very closely. What do you see in the rectangle?

Nothing, really

Mind-numbing emptiness and soul-crushing despair

My reflection


4. What’s wrong with this picture?


It could use prettier colors

There’s no handicapped access

C’mon, nobody wears bowlers any more

How did the men get on the stairs to begin with?

5. Which imaginary word best describes your sleep habits?






6. What do you self-identify as?


More or less human-ish

I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam

I awoke one morning to find myself transformed into a giant insect

Nothing, I’m the victim of self-identity theft

7. What is your sign?


8. What’s your favorite kind of music?


9. Pick a card, any card


10. Select any two


11. Choose your updated recommended food plate


12. How tattooed are you?


The answer to what kind of a person you are anyway

After making your twelve selections, click on the question mark in the brain below. If you don’t see a question mark it means you didn’t answer all twelve questions. Which makes you a sloppy and lazy kind of a person. Go back, review and answer all twelve questions to get a proper reading.

personality11 waster querie blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker blocker

You are the quintessence of the kind of person who willingly wastes time on mildly amusing quick and easy tests they don’t take seriously. You have the unwavering determination to persevere until the end of five minute tasks and are decisive when it comes to choosing essen­tially meaningless options. Your selections also prove without any doubt you have a working knowledge of digital devices, speak English, and are not a robot.