How Well Do You Know the Map and Our Deviousness?

Terra Incognita is Latin for “Land Unknown.” That’s what they used to put on maps of unexplored territory. Very little of the Earth’s lands are incognita these days. Still, how well do you know the details? Take the quiz and test yourself.

Sometimes the geography is tricky, sometimes the question is tricky, and sometimes the answer is tricky. Sometimes by tricky I mean silly, though the reader might take it to mean stupid. Whatever the case may be, you may find it all curious if trivial.

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1. Would you say London, Ontario is more northern or northerner than London, England?

2. If you were in Reno, Nevada would you bet Los Angeles, California is more than or less than 100 miles west of you?

3. Other than Alaska, which U.S. state has the most coastline?

4. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, what is now the largest country in Europe?

5. Which European country is closest to the U.S.?

6. What body of water do you enter exiting the western end of the Panama canal?

7. If it’s 6:00 in Hong Kong, what time is it in Beijing?

8. If it’s 6:00 in California, what time is it in Newfoundland?

9. Which is more united, the United States or the United Kingdom?

10. Special multi-part question. Of the five micro-states in Europe four are landlocked, two of those are completely inside one country. Name the two inside which country and the other three.


You should say neither. London, Ontario is the farther south of the two. London, England is closer to the latitude of Calgary, Alberta than London, Ontario.


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You’d lose either side of that bet because LA is east of Reno. Even though LA is on the Pacific coast, Reno is further west.


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Michigan. I didn’t say seacoast, just coast. Being two peninsulas Michigan’s practically defined by coastline. As a trivia extra, Michigan has the most lighthouses, too.


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Russia. Despite the independence of Ukraine, Belarus and others when the USSR disolved, and even if you excluded all of the Asian parts, the area of Russia in Europe is still much bigger than any other European country. And getting bigger all the time, it seems.


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Russia where the eastern tip of Siberia is quite close to Alaska. Of course, that part of Russia is in Asia, but Russia is also in Europe so is a European country. And an Asian country.


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The Caribbean Sea. That’s because the western end is not the westbound end. The eastbound terminus at Colón is west of the westbound terminus at Balboa. You travel north-northwest when going eastbound from the Pacific to the Caribbean.


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6:00. In fact it’s the same time everywhere in China because, despite its size, the entire country is one time zone. Which means sunrise might be 5:00 am in eastern-most China and 9am in western-most China.

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10:30. Oddly enough, Newfoundland has its own time zone one and a half hours different than eastern standard time. Why the half hour? You’d have to ask a Newfie.

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Considering the distance from the mainland to Hawaii, the UK is more united geographically. On the other hand, considering Scotland has its own parliament the U.S. is more united politically.

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The micro-states of Vatican City and San Marino are both nestled inside Italy. Andorra and Liechtenstein are landlocked while Monaco is on the Mediterranian coast.


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