With Internetelepathy

Are you worried about spyware? Do you fret over internet identity theft? Do you quake in your boots over the prospect of any mis­creant with a laptop hacking the most intimate details of your life? Well, it gets worse because people can read your mind via the world wide web. There are no firewalls to safe­guard you from the spectre of internetelepathy.

The internet is a powerful and amazing thing. Maybe even mysterious and magical. I don’t really know how it works, do you? So, prepare to have your mind boggled. If you’d rather not be boggled, how about amazed or amused?

Here’s a pair of tricks for you in which I will attempt to read your mind via the interwebs. Maybe they’ll amaze. Maybe they’ll amuse. Or not, I make no guarantees except the first will work most of the time. The second is a sure thing. Here goes.

Mind Boggler One
Mind Boggler Two