Gag Cartoons from Deep in the Orbit and Cracked Magazine Archives

A Dog’s Breakfast was a cartoon series that appeared in Orbit in the 1990s. Many of these cartoons were republished by Cracked under the title of Oz&Ns in their “Backwash” section, a two-page spread of fake letters to the editors and other short bits which I hand lettered and illustrated. Without further ado, here’s A Dog’s Breakfast and/or Oz&Ns greatest hits as chosen by me in no particular order.

DB2 DB2 DB2 DB2 DB2 DB22 DB2 DB22 DB2 DB2 DB2 DB2 DB21 DB2 DB33 DB22 DB22 DB22 DB2 DB2

Mouseover the cartoon to turn over to read the small text at the bottom

DB2 DB34 DB30 DB29 DB2 DB22 DB2 DB2 DB2 DB2 DB22 DB32 DB22