Every time the Lions get blown out —you save!

Overstocked Items:

Prices: Just like the score of Lions games nobody knows how strange the final tally will be. Guaranteed to be worse than you imagined.


Is it a souvenir or an actual Lion’s player? Order one and find out.

Specially designed so you don’t have to watch these jokers play again.

Team Blanket
Pre-cut eyeholes let you forego that paper bag over your head.

Fashionable footwear for die-hard fans. Only available with two left feet.

Official Football
Comes pre-deflated to save you the trouble of having the Lions let the air out.

Coffee Mug
Fill it with coffee, hot cocoa, or hope and the bottom falls out.

Foam Finger
Soft and light-weight, just like the Lions.

Car Flag
White on white. Show your Lion pride and surrender at the same time.

Program/Joke Book
Team pictures, line-ups, schedule and results. Laughs aplenty.

Team Jacket
100% fleece to fleece fans 100%.

Table Lamp
Maximum capacity 2 watts, yet still outshines the Lions.

Lions Super Bowl T-shirt
Out of stock.
Wait 'til next year.