An illustrated collection of unreal beings with no real reason for being. Here you will find beastly monsters, monstrous beasts and wildly improbable wild animals.

Quasimodo Dragon (Hunchus lizzardea)

Largely misunderstood and unappreciated the quasimodo dragon is not as nasty as it appears nor as ugly as it looks. Don’t be alarmed if you encounter one at large as they’re largely not large.

Irascibull (Bovis peevish)

There are many hooved creatures much fiercer than the irascibull, but none more easily provoked. So if you come across it don’t cross it. They have been known to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat, and being unable to fly just makes them angrier.

Handymanatee (Verimani manuala)

The out-sized aquatic handymanatee is one of the true wonders of mother nature. Even she wonders what she had in mind in creating it. Despite its three pairs of hands it is a slow swimmer and not a tool user, just something of a tool.

Kanganewt (Marsupiavis pita)

This strange denizen of the rainforest the kanganewt is half reptile, half bird, and half mammal. Simple math explains why it’s so big and so unlikely.

Wooly-bully (Ruffian fuzzicus)

Spotting a wooly-bully traipsing along the icy wastes is a sight to behold. All the same, you probably wouldn’t want to be holding one or let it be holding you.

Aarrghoyle (Homunculus gothica)

Few people have visited the rocky cliffs of western North America, met an aarrghoyle and lived to tell the tale. Mostly because it doesn’t exist. The aarghoyle that is, not western North America.

Paradoxen (Bovis unbovis)

The ponderous paradoxen is twice as dumb and half as strong as an ox. These oddities of nature smell with their tongues, hear through their horns, think with their hearts, and vote with their feet.

Snorthog (Porcicus shnorcicus)

Strangely, the brush-rooting snorthog employs its prominent proboscis to unearth carrots and turn up turnips, yet has no olfactory sense. How do they smell? They smell pretty awful, actually.

Antipodal Devil (Topsi turvius)

The only invertedabrate the world has ever known, the rufus-speckled woodland antipodal devil is mainly known for being unknown.

Grumpalumpy (Bilious bumpitus)

A forest forager of the night, the ill-tempered grumpalumpy is a beastly monster like any other beastly monster only moreso. Though active in the wee hours it rarely has any fun subsisting on a diet of crickets and night vapors.

Impossipotomus (Isinit rediculus)

There are simply no good adjectives to aptly describe the tropical impossipotomus. It is what it is, which is something else again.