The Very Picture of Self Promotion

I owe my talent and career largely to my dad who took me into his studio, Art Works, as a young man. I was the young man, not him. The results were an unplanned and happy accident.

Tribute to my late father

Terry Colon (hereafter referred to as me, myself, or I) is an illustrator, sometime cartoonist, sometime humorist whose work has appeared in books, magazines, news­papers, and on the web.


I mainly do commission work for hire. Samples of published work can be found on my Samples pages.

Samples by Publisher
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Cartoons and Humor

Some of my many cartoons and humor articles have appeared in the likes of Cracked magazine, Reader’s Digest, and perhaps most famously (RIP). There are links for all three on my home page. If you peruse my site –you’re here now– you’ll find much more of the same. Plus some bits that are not cartoons or humor, but perhaps have a slight twist in that direction.

Sales and Service

If you are interested in commissioning work, prices and terms are available upon request by email,


Previously published illustrations available as stock art can be found on my Stock Art page. Yet another button for that. Some slight alterations of art, changing text for instance, can be done as needed.

Anything on the Samples page is also available. Do I need to tell you there’s a button?

Last but not least, just about every article and illustration found on is available for re-use. Explore, read, enjoy. If you really enjoy and want to use it, there’s that email button I told you about.

About the Site

This website is somewhat an exercise in shameless self promotion and mostly an indulgence. Or waste of time as the case may be. But if a picture is worth a thousand words then this site is wordier than many, only without all the tedious reading.

For the most part, a personal website is a sisypheon effort, or perhaps quixotic might be the apt description. My efforts will be to entertain at best, or mildly amuse at least. Not that it will be all sweetness and light, but it will be family friendly with the odd double entendre and euphemism.

If you enjoy perusing only half as much as I enjoy making it, then I’ll enjoy it twice as much as you.


Tools & Techniques

I am sometimes asked to divulge my methods for creating illustrations. Here is how I perform the magic in all its simple majesty:

Step One: Sketches with pencil and marker on tracing paper.
Part 2: Finished drawings in marker on tracing paper.
Action C: Line art scanned into Adobe Photoshop at 300dpi. Scans cleaned up where needed.
Stage IV: Bitmaps imported into Adobe Illustrator and converted to vector art.
Next Procedure: Vector images assembled, edited and colored in Illustrator. Any type is added.
Fin: File saved as eps for print, gif or png for the web.

It’s easy as one, two, three, even though it’s actually six steps in case you hadn’t noticed. In any event I’m always mindful of the great Wally Wood’s excellent advice, “Never draw what you can copy. Never copy what you can trace. And never trace what you can cut out and paste down.” As my late father, who was also in the art game, used to say, “If it looks right, it is right.”

Some folks ask where my ideas come from or how I make drawing look so easy.

Not so easy to answer. The ideas just sort-of pop into my head. Though they don’t actually make a popping sound and a light bulb doesn’t appear over my head. Sometimes the idea just oozes in by osmosis, if that makes any sense. If all else fails, I just “borrow” someone else’s idea, give it a little twist and claim it for my own.

The answer to the second part is practice. I’ve been drawing since I was a boy in short pants, though I usually wore long pants. It isn’t rocket surgery, just a knack I have. I can’t really take any special credit. It would be like bragging about being tall. That is if I were tall, but you get the point.


About Me

Sorry, all truly personal information about me is classified and available only on a need to know basis. That being said, there are these:

Interview of me at Existable
Interview of me at The Setup

2012 Update

As the year winds down, we wind up our annual year in review. We won’t even attempt to summarize world events –which we didn’t have much to do with in any event– but look back at the triumphs, tribulations and what­nots befalling the staff of for the year. We being me.

Rather than a monolog or annotated lists of the goings on and off of the past year, I present 2012 in its entirety in one handy-dandy, easy-to-view chart. This will save the reader gobs of time, if their time comes in gobs. Maybe you see a wedge-shaped, fat-tailed, head and shoulders death cross formation. Me, I see a sideways jellyfish. Still, I can’t imagine anyone being all that interested in what I did all last year to bother making anything out of it. Heck, it was all happening to me and I slept through a third of it.


As you can see on the right-hand end of the chart, all lines are projected to converge on or about February 15th, 2013. At which point I’ll either implode in a zero-point singularity and vanish, or explode to be reborn Phoenix-like into a new and/or improved version of myself. That’s one theory, or maybe two. More likely, since these are just lines on a chart, nothing of the sort will happen. Making February 15th a day like any other day, only more average than average.

2007 Update

I can’t say the past 365 days were all that terribly eventful, but depending on whether you’re a glass half full or glass half empty sort that’s a blessing or a curse. After all, getting hit by a Mack truck is eventful. By the same token, so is winning the lottery. In any event, neither event or anything of that nature happened. I didn’t get rich quick, or slow, or at all. On the other hand, I didn’t get unrich either.

I did a book and a smattering of web and magazine illustrations including a few covers. So that’s all good. Didn’t win any major or minor awards, but gave me a mention. That’s kinda neat.

Some folks expect to see charts and graphs and such in an annual review, so I’ll not disappoint. Here is a breakdown of everything you never needed to know about my personal 2007 in handy visual form. Since a picture is worth a thousand words it saves me a lot of bother, considering I’m not a writer.

As you can see, all in all, a pretty fair year, and about what I expected. What I deserved is not for me to say. Nevertheless, hope we all get what we deserve this year. Whether that’s ominous or promising, only you would have an inkling. But since 2008 is a leap year we all have one more day to get while the getting is good.