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Wednesday July 17

And off we go again…

Today’s Word-of-the-Day Words, Uh Quiz

lickety-bg lickety-junk semi-road
semi-semi semi-wheel semi-wheel semi-wheel semi-wheel semi-wheel semi-sensor
semi-bot semi-eyes

This time around it’s either a word-of-the-day in word quiz format or a word quiz with only two words. Of the day. Making it a semi quiz. Or maybe a demi quiz. Whatever it is this is all she wrote for this entry. Though she is me and not a she, but that’s the figure of speech and who am I to say otherwise? They also say brevity is the soul of wit. So rather than paltry, think of this entry as… who am I kidding, it’s a couple of useless words you’ll never need. Still, there is the pointless animation. Enjoy.

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  1. Portable, temporary toilet unit
  2. Union suit with short sleeves and legs
  3. Large, narrow-necked bottle
  4. Small, eared cup for hot cocoa
  5. Son of John


  1. Self-driving big trucks
  2. Otics with bits missing
  3. An ancient people responsible for killing the Dead Sea
  4. People sleepwalking through life, zombies light
  5. Study of symbols

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(c) Demijohn (dĕm′ ē-jŏn) Large, narrow-necked glass or earthenware bottle, usually encased in wickerwork

(e) semiotics (sē-mē ä′tĭks, sĕ-mē-) 1. The study of signs and symbols as elements of communicative behavior; the analysis of systems of communication, as language, gestures, or clothing. 2. A general theory of signs and symbolism, usually divided into the branches of pragmatics, semantics, and syntactics.

Forget it, there’s only two words.

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