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Boys in the Hoodie

One Flu over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

One Standard Deviation

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Talking Heads

Gal Tawk

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Groaners for 200 Dollars, Alex

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Oh-Oh Word Quiz

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After doing none last year, this is already the second word quiz of 2023. Might be a vintage year for vocabulary tests. Vintage, a word that comes from… ah, but that would be giving it away for some future quiz. Perhaps, maybe, could be, we’ll see.

This quiz is all about words ending in -oon, for no reason other than words ending in -oon are fun. Balloon, cartoon, spittoon, macaroon. Fun and tasty, too.

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  1. Cross-dressing Mafioso
  2. Fire-breathing thug
  3. Head of a SE Asian tribe of headhunters (that is, a chief, not a severed head)
  4. Cavalryman who fights hand-to-hand on foot


  1. Belgian that’s almost a Frenchman
  2. Balloon frame house wall
  3. Painted-on entrance some cartoon characters can enter, some can’t; cave painting
  4. Dutch version of Humpty Dumpty


  1. Cross between a chicken and a raccoon
  2. That long pole gondoliers use to make the boat go
  3. Trapper’s cache of animal skins
  4. Wussy little fraidy-cat


  1. One trouser (half of a pair)
  2. Short-sighted dotty old buffoon
  3. Bird toe that’s on backwards
  4. Five pieces of eight (about a half doubloon; one loon)


  1. Combination fork/spoon/knife/can-opener
  2. Those weird fluted collars worn in the 1500s
  3. Handled pointy thing for stabbing and cutting people
  4. Squadron of French planes in WWI

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(d) dragoon (drə gōōn′) Cavalryman who fights on horseback and/or on foot.

(a) Walloon (wä′-lōōn) A member of a people of southern and southeastern Belgium and adjacent parts of France.

(d) poltroon (pōl trōōn′) Lazy, idle fellow; a sluggard; a fellow without spirit or courage; a dastard; a coward.

(b) pantaloon (păn′ tə lōōn) Commedia dell’arte character, usually a skinny old dotard wearing spectacles, slippers, and tight-fitting trousers and stockings. [Hence, pantaloons (with an S) loose-fitting usually shorter than ankle-length trousers]

(c) spadroon (spə′ drön) Light straight short sword (suitable for both cutting and thrusting)

5 — Woo-Hoo!
4 – Oooh
3 – Oh, OK
2 – So-so
1 – Oh-oh
0 – Big fat O-fer

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Go to the word quiz page for the full interactive word quiz fun and excitement:

What’s That Supposed to Mean?

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Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer –Or in This Case, a Good Laugh

Below are seven actual questions actually put to actual tour guides as collected by Travel Industry of America. Mouseover each tourist in the pic and they’ll ask a stupid question in typical cartoon word balloon style.


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Kurmudgeon Kat

Anomie In the Offing

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Three in One Fun

We Was Playin’ Chess and…

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Did You Know…

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Words of Wizdumb

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Words of the Times for 2022 (But Will still Be Going Strong in 2023)

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Haven’t done one of these in a long while, but what the hey, let’s revisit the old dictionary pop quiz bit fun. You say you don’t find the dictionary pop quiz bit all that fun? There’s a word for people like you, though you won’t find it in the quiz, so there. Ha ha, I’ll have my fun without you.


  1. Looking like a prototypical work cubicle, only without the charm
  2. Like a nitpicking busybody
  3. Sporting a shiny badge and a pretentious title
  4. Marked by bloat and inefficiency; bureaucratic


  1. To flex one’s chest muscles alternately in rhythmic fashion
  2. etc…


  1. A person who is neither friend nor foe…


  1. A hole in the sole of a shoe…


  1. Progressive from another planet (or planetoid, nobody is sure)…

Go to the word quiz page for the full interactive word quiz fun and excitement:

What’s That Supposed to Mean?

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That Was the Year That Couldn’t

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Top Ten Things That Didn’t Quite Happen in 2022

  1. King Charles fires court jester for “Who died and left you boss?” wisecrack
  2. Robots hijack self-driving cars and… I have no punchline for that
  3. FBI Exposed: People finally realize what “follow me” on Twitter really means
  4. DC bureaucrats reclassify natives as Unhyphenated-Americans
  5. New computer keyboards made with single alt key at lower left, the alt right key disappears
  6. IQ scores continue declining; nobody understands it
  7. Progressive mathematicians liberate calculations from oppressive “equals” sign (=) with more inclusive “feels like” sign (♥)
  8. Poll finds 115% of voters believe voting is 150% honest
  9. Uncle Sam replaced by Big Momma!
  10. Argentina beats French Africa to win World Cup

Filed 1/4/23


Talking Heads

Happy New Year!

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Yep. The robot moster has been at work behind the scenes retweaking or whatever the old site. No human input require. No human readership needed. The virtual future is now. Deal with it. New and Improvements for 2023

That’s it. That’s it? Yep, that’s all. Which is it, it or all? All of it. Sorry I asked.

And lucky you, 364 more days of the same sort of nonsense. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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