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Yet Another Rerun from the Archives

Gag Cartoonery


“You really need to let go of the past.”

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Another Rerun from the Archives

That Was the Blog that Wasn’t

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Top Twenty Free Website and/or Blog Names (with free free subheads) Nobody Asked for

  • Wascally Wabbits –Join the Webolution
  • Doublethink Tank –Web Home of Circular Reasoning Squared
  • Furious Green Sleep –The Blog Where Nothing Always Happens
  • Notes from the Underwear –Non-News in Brief
  • Faux Fake News –Endless Impossibilities Blog
  • Twice as Half as Much –The Blog with Less of the Same
  • Wisp of Weasels –More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys, Without the Smell
  • Anthill Bluster –Where Nits Are Picked While They’re Still Fresh
  • Mess Media –Erasing the Fine Line between Fact and Fiction
  • Smoldering Embarrassment Blog –Going off Half Cocked and Half Baked
  • Unloading Zone –How To Talk Shirty and Influence People
  • Mouse Utopia Blog –Where the Future Unwinds and Comes Unwound
  • Missing Inaction –Global Headquarters of Nothing Doing
  • Beyond Absolute –The Interweb Home of Infinite Density and Then Some
  • Antiseptic Badinage –Where Anything Goes and Nothing Matters
  • Nigh Times –Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow
  • Cognitive Dissident –The Less Is More of the Same Blog
  • Funday Sunnies –Weekend Reading for the Illiterate at Ease
  • Tasty Toner Warning –Please Don’t Eat the Website
  • Weak Worldly News –Putting the Blah in Blog

First filed 2/14/22

Rerun from the Archives


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Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

Dream to Dream


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Gag Cartoonery


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Via the Wayback Machine


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Weary the Cynical Dog

Full of Empty


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Six for the Fourth

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Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)



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