Talking Heads

Don’t Even Think about It

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It’s Monday, Monday, Monday!!!


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Uh-h-h-h, Summer…


…which explains the dearth of new content. The entire TerryColon,com staff (Terry Colon) is outdoors enjoying the lack of cold and snow and freezing rain and all that. How long will this work slowdown last? How long is summer? See you soon. Relatively soon. Enjoy the archives.

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Ah-h-h-h, Summer


Summer is here. And there. And all around the town, as the song goes. And now, though you didn’t ask for it, a brief history of summer. The word summer comes from the last of the Germanic Goddesses, Elke Summer, who died in 1840. (Her son, Otto of Ulm, was the father of the car, the Ottomobile.) Elke translates to hot and Summer translates to something like Gol-darnit, so Elke Summer is hot damn! Prior to 1840 there was no summer and spring ran right into fall, much to the consternation of early Americans as it shortened baseball season dramatically.

After summer was invented the Earth slowly warmed and, instead of enjoying the warm glow of it all like sensible people, psuedo-scientists and there followers got all in a dither about it and concocted all manner of cockeyed schemes to make it all go away. King Canute could have told them it was a fool’s errand to try to stop the tides, but some folks never learn from history. Probably because they’re ignorant of history.

No then, the Sumers of ancient Sumeria… forget it, it’s summer. Relax. You’ll feel better.

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Talking Heads

AKA Wokum-Hokum Day

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Weary the Cynical Dog

Humpday Hullabaloo-Hoo-Hoo

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Filed 6/15/22

Stranger than True


Top Ten Heros of Science Fiction of It’s the Current Year

  1. H.G. Wells
  2. Jules Verne
  3. Trofim Lysenko
  4. Al Gore
  5. Isaac Asimov
  6. Bill Nye
  7. Ray Bradbury
  8. Rachel Carson
  9. Ansel Keys
  10. Michael Mann
  11. Anthony Fouci
  12. Albert Einstein

Yep, that’s more than ten. Why, it must be a scientificky paradox of the Xth dimension.

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Day Before Friday Doodling Around


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Go Go Go Go Go Joe

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Kurmugeon Kat

Ahh, Modernity

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Filed 6/6/22

A Four Day Late New His Story of June


June is named for Juno, the Roman Goddess of teachers and graduation ceremonies celebrated by letting the monkeys out. Juno is usually depicted wearing a white belt, white shoes, a long toga, or gown, with a tasseled flat square on her head. The latter represents a mortarboard, or hod, for her being a Mason, or cementhead in the vernacular. The tassel dangling from the mortarboard stands for remembering or something, I don’t rightly recall. Anyway, the association with this square topper with knowing is where the expression, “Off the top of my head” comes from.

June is also the month when summer starts. The word summer, related to simmer, means, “God, it’s hot.” Though in Roman times it was, “Goddess, it’s hot.” Juno herelf was not hot, but rather more like a neat and tidy old maid schoolmarm from the Greek island of Lesbos, where grooming in schools was practically a cult.

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Friday Doodling Around

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Weary the Cynical Dog

Welcome to Amiracle

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Talking Heads

Humpday He-He-Huh?

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Monday, May 23, 2022


Filed 5/23/22

New Bird Rebus Sightings for Spring 2022

Another five more birds seen around the house, around the yard actually, to add to the Bird Spotter’s Rebus Guide collection bringing same to a grand total of fifty, count ’em 50. Of couse fifty is 950 short of a grand, so not much of a grand total. All the same it shows you can successfully go bird watching without leaving the premises, if that’s your bent. And if you spend all day looking at birds, you’re pretty bent. All seriousness aside, here’s those five, count ’em 5, bird rebuses as promised:

brown-creeper1 brown-creeper2
cedar-waxwing1 cedar-waxwing2
house-finch1 house-finch2
magnolia1 magnolia2
sharp-shinned1 sharp-shinned2

If you want to try to solve the previous forty-five, count ’em 45, here’s the link:

Bird Spotters Rebus Guide
Picture Pun Puzzles for I-D-ing Our Fine Feathered Friends

Filed 5/20/22


Not so much new and improved as old and amended. Old in the way it originally appeared in print as paginated and in black and white. And amended with five (5), count ’em five (5), added tanks that weren’t as originally appeared in print. All in all, it is…


Well, bigger at any rate with one (1), count it one (1), more page. Rereread it at the magic webby link below:

Tanks, But No Tanks

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Ta-tum Tum


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Doodle Time

It’s a Wobbly World this Monday

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Sir, Ha Ha, Sir


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Talking Heads

Humpday Ho Ho


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Mise Un Scène


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Three Cheers!!!


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Talking Heads

Thursday Funnies


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Weary the Cynical Dog

Then Again

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Kurmugeon Kat

Das Krapital

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Go Guff from Gauche Joe

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Kurmugeon Kat

Talkin’ Bout My G-G-G-Generation

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Filed 4/20/22

I Look Outside This Morning and…


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Talking Heads

Monday Funnies

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Filed 4/18/22

In honor of the Late, Great, Henry Boltinoff

Once more, Spot the Six Different Differences from the Previous Toons


“I don’t get it. How about, ‘A difference that makes no difference
is no Difference’?”

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Filed 4/16/22

In honor of the Late, Great, Henry Boltinoff

Spot the Six More Differences from Yesterday’s and Wednesday’s Toons


“I don’t get it. How about, ‘Much more now than before’?”

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Filed 4/15/22

In honor of the Late, Great, Henry Boltinoff

Spot the Six Differences from Yesterday’s Toon with this Version as Originally Done


“It’s absolutely meaningless yet patriotic at the same time.
I love it.”

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Filed 4/14/22

Wednesday Wa Ha Ha


“You can’t say that nowadays, it’s positively un-American.”

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Thinking off the Rock

Live and Learn

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Weary the Cynical Dog

Left Behinds

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April Fool, all Month Long

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Talking Heads

Humpday Heh Heh Heh

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Filed 4/6/22

Tuesday Nyuck nyuck


“Permission to treat Mr. Minsky as a hostile witness.”

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Thinking off the Rock

Giving It 110%

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Filed 4/4/22

April Fools Day Just Keeps Going and Going and Going…

  1. Dupe
  2. Dope
  3. Doped Dupe
  4. Unfunny Stooge
  5. Useful Fool
  6. Covidiot
  7. Neo Zombie
  8. Woking Dead
  9. Canadian
  10. Eloi
  1. Genetically Modified Organism
  2. Guinea Pig
  3. Kiwi Sheep
  4. Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, Ow Ow Ow
  5. Hokey Pokee
  6. Pharma Profit Center
  7. Double Blind Study
  8. Collateral Damage
  9. Dead Man Waking
  10. Shot Victim

Filed 4/1/22