“It’s the end of the reality as we knew it”


Cynical Fry Day

It’s Hot Out There


Remember, one third of tax revenue pays for interest on the national debt. And guess who pockets all that interest?

Filed 6/11/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Woke Up and Smell the Kool-Aid

kat7b kat7a

Filed 6/9/21

It’s Friday Again

joe19c joe19c
joe19a joe19b

Filed 6/4/21


Thinking Off the Rock

What If…

thinker2b thinker2a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

Filed 6/3/21

It’s the First Unofficial P.G. Wodehouse Day

Also Known as June First


So, despite the weak imitation (sorry), we celebrate 100 years, or whatever it is, of Wooster and Jeeves stories. So go read a P.G. Wodehouse book. Don’t have one? Buy one. Too cheap to buy one? Borrow one at the local lending library. Or borrow one from a friend. None of your circle of friends have any P.G. Wodehouse books? Get better friends.

Filed 6/1/21

Last Family Friendly Monday in May

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Filed 5/31/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr6b Dr-Dr6a

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Filed 5/29/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Anything Is Impossible

weary-dog9b weary-dog9a

Filed 5/28/21


It’s Humpday! Here’s the Head Hump!

joe18BG joe18b joe18b joe18b joe18b joe18a joe18c

Filed 5/26/21

Doodlemation Monday

A Short, Short, Short Story; In Fact a Paragraphic Tale

sharkLeg sharkLeg sharkMan

Edmund had somehow gotten it into his brain, such as it was, that he had become, not unlike like Gregor Sampsa, some kind of shark, not of the noted deep-sea variety, but a rarer fresh-air type, trolling the lawns of the immediate area. The neighbors, giving him a wide berth, stared askance at such a spectacle, all the while harboring deep suspicions about the disappearance of their Pomeranian.

Filed 5/24/21


Thinking Off the Rock

What If…

thinker1b thinker1a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

Filed 5/22/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Common Unsense?

kat6b kat6a

Filed 5/20/21


Blah Blah Blah

joe17bg joe17b joe17c joe17a

Filed 5/18/21

Family Friendly Friday Is Back

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Filed 5/14/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr5b Dr-Dr5a

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Filed 5/13/21

Humpday Doodlemation

floatyBalloon floatyJew floatyholeTop
floatylegL floatylegR floatyBiden floatyarmL floatyarmR

Filed 5/12/21

Weary the Talking Dog

The Miracle of Democracy

weary-dog8b weary-dog8a

Filed 5/11/21

Cynical Saturday

Br-r-r. Where’s Spring Already?


Filed 5/8/21


TV Flashback Update

invadersBG invadersglow
invadersUFO invadersballoon

Filed 5/6/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Remember the… uh… hm-m-m

kat5b kat5a

Filed 5/5/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr4b Dr-Dr4a

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Filed 5/3/21

Weary the Talking Dog

What Passes for Music

weary-dog7b weary-dog7a

Filed 4/30/21


It’s Humpday! Here’s Humpy!

joe16b joe16a

Filed 4/28/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Founders Lost

kat4b kat4a

Filed 4/26/21


Another Family Friendly Friday

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Filed 4/23/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Unlike the Other Man Said

weary-dog6b weary-dog6a

Filed 4/21/21

Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr3b Dr-Dr3a

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Filed 4/20/21


It’s Not Friday the 13th Not on Tuesday

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Filed 4/19/21

Family Friendly Friday

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Filed 4/16/21

Kurmugeon Kat

I Have a Dream

kat3b kat3a

Filed 4/14/21


It’s Friday the 13th on Tuesday

joe14BG joe14c joe14b joe14a

Filed 4/13/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Unlike the Man Said

weary-dog5B weary-dog5A

Filed 4/9/21

Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr2b Dr-Dr2a

Mouseover art for punchline

Original gag: Christine Schrum via Reader's Digest

Filed 4/8/21


Monday on Tuesday This Week

joe13BG joe13a

Filed 4/6/21

Kurmugeon Kat

How We Got Where We Got

kat2b kat2a

Filed 4/5/21

First Family Friendly Friday in April

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Filed 4/2/21




Top Ten Things Starting Today

  1. Honest-like media
  2. Smaller-ish big business
  3. Less-is-more government
  4. Unbiased-sort-of science
  5. Balanced-seeming education
  6. Fair-like courts
  7. Intelligent-esque administration
  8. Mostly mask-free living
  9. Freedom-free living
  10. April fools day!

Filed 4/1/21