2018 Obituaries of the News

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Ten Things that Did Not Happen in 2018

  1. Despite years of research psycholo­gists admit they still don’t know why the chicken crossed the road
  2. Due to inflation economists calculate a picture is now worth 1,685 words
  3. Astronomers shocked to discover infinitely massive black holy-moly!
  4. Russian assets infiltrate State Depart­ment… Oh wait, that happened in the 1940’s
  5. Episcopalians formalize policy of separation of church and religion
  6. POTUS redefines “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as “entitlement, diversity and the pursuit of orgasm”
  7. New rehypothication rules mean Wall Street banks can have your cake and eat it, too
  8. Afghan War renamed Hundred Years War 2.0
  9. Exhaustive study finds there is actually only one way to skin a cat
  10. Brexit

The reader might think these are all (supposed to be) jokes, except number ten which was actually the case and so news. Unless said reader is a British voter, in which case the whole government handling of Brexit is a joke. Only not the funny kind. Just another case of making the world safe for bureaucracy.

Filed 1/4/19

Happy Out with the Old In with the New Year

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Welcome to the new for 2019 terry colon point com. Or perhaps old for 2018, as the navigation has gone sort of retro. Just like the art. While other sites have fancy-schmancy pushbuttons, we’ve decided to go with good old toggle switches. If we could have figured out how to make them work, we’d have dials, too. You just can’t get more retro than dials and toggle switches. Which are modern at the same time. Well, modern for 1954 or so.

As in previous years we’ve culled the archives of less interesting and dated items. We’ve also assembled some related old blog bits into features which we’ll spring on the reader without warning. And without apologies. Beyond that the plan going forward, besides going backward, is… there really is no plan. That’s it for now. See you tomorrow. Maybe.

And if you missed our big send off for 2018, you can see it here:

The Twelve Days of Christmas in Under a Minute

Filed 1/1/19

And When You Got There…


Afraid that’s all the blog we’ve done so far this year. Hey, the year is young. On to the archives!

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