Weary the Talking Dog

Start of Something Big?


Filed 8/2/21


Last (and only) Family Friendly Friday in July

family11b family11a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 7/30/21

Talkin’ Heads


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Somebody-or-other once observed that the only truly modern sensation was speed. After all, before trains, planes, and automobiles the fastest you could ever go was on horseback. Or falling off a cliff, I suppose, but that’s largely an unrepeatable sensation. Actually, one you wouldn’t want the first time. The very thought of which gives me the heebie-jeebies, or in technical terms, the willies.

Though I would add a second truly modern sensation, ear-splitting noise. Not only is modern life faster than in olden times, it’s also a lot noisier. We live in a regime of the constant din of the machine age. Relentless, annoyingly loud clatter, whine and thump. Also called modern music, though I use the term music loosely. Nowadays we are speed and noise addicts, which might explain the popularity of straight-piped Harleys and window rattling boom-cars. Well, popular with the owners of said vehicles not the rest of us who just want peace and quiet.

Filed 7/27/21

Thinking Off the Rock

Yikes! Yikes!

thinker6b thinker6a
thinkerhead thinkerskull thinker

Filed 7/24/21


Thursday at Is Over the Humpday

overhumpB overhumpA

Over the Humpday is much better than over the hill day. I mean, it’s good to see the light at the end of the work week, not so much the light at the end of… there’s the proverbial bit about being drawn toward the light; that light and that end. Which sure ain’t the ever living end, as beatniks used to say. Never heard that? Before your time, boobala.

It’s also mouseover the hump day. Try it and see.

Filed 7/22/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Then again, maybe it’s all relative

kat9B kat9A

Filed 7/21/21

Monday Moaning, as the Guy Used to Say


Filed 7/19/21

Thinking Off the Rock

Still Second Banana

thinker5b thinker5a
thinkerhead thinkerskull thinker

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Empty Suit

joe21b joe21a

Filed 7/13/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Otherworldliness Humor


Filed 7/9/21

And Now, First Humpday of July


Filed 7/7/21

And Now, a Fifth of July


Filed 7/5/21

Happy Fourth?

Depends on Your Point of View

fourth2 burst1 burst2 burst4 burst3 fourth1 fourth3 fourth4

Why, it’s another doodlemation. Why? Why not?

Filed 7/4/21


It’s July!

Head to the Beach, Everybody

july1BG july1sun
july1arm july1leg july1body july1arm july1leg july1head

Half of 2021 down the drain, another six months to go. They’ll beat this thing into the ground yet.

Filed 7/1/21

Thinking Off the Rock

Like Greased Lightning Maybe?

thinker4d thinker4b thinker4c
thinker4a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

Filed 6/30/21

Kurmugeon Kat

A Message for Ewe All

kat8b kat8a

Filed 6/28/21

Back to Basics Friday


More answers to HOW than you can shake a stick at (for all the good stick shaking would have done)

How Planes Can Fly
The Correct Explanation of Lift for Non-Engineers

How to Win Any Argument
Using Paralogic and Surreason

How to Talk Like a Sailor
Common Phrases with Nautical Origins

Suck School of Comic Art
How to Draw Funny

Filed 6/25/21


Humpday Humpy Returns

joe20BG joe20c joe20a joe20b

Filed 6/23/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Tail of Two Cities

weary-dog10b weary-dog10a

Filed 6/22/21

summerBG summerGlow summerTop

Filed 6/21/21

Day Late, Dollar short, Again

And Who Do I Owe the Dollar To?

malingershoe1 malingershoe1 malinger1
malingershoe1 malingershoe1 malinger2
malingershoe1 malingershoe1 malinger3

I feel more of a malingerer, more remiss in my self-imposed duties by neglecting updating (despite its almost total dearth of readership) than in not doing the laundry; you know, a real task and not digital virtual chore. Either I’ve got my priorities mixed up, or because folks across the webbie globe can tell if the site is behind times while no-one will ever know if my boxer briefs are beyond their wash-by date. Besides, I have my waning has-been reputation to uphold.

Then again, maybe I’m just the world's worst procrastinator. Though come to think of it, wouldn’t being the worst procrastinator mean I’d do everything in a timely fashion? Putting things off too long would make me a good procrastinator, right?

Filed 6/18/21

Tu Tu Day


Filed 6/17/21


Thinking Off the Rock

More than Forever; Forever and Ever

thinker3b thinker3c
thinker3a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

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Too Too Day


Filed 6/15/21

Cynical Fry Day

It’s Hot Out There


Remember, one third of tax revenue pays for interest on the national debt. And guess who pockets all that interest?

Filed 6/11/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Woke Up and Smell the Kool-Aid

kat7b kat7a

Filed 6/9/21

It’s Friday Again

joe19c joe19c
joe19a joe19b

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Thinking Off the Rock

What If…

thinker2b thinker2a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

Filed 6/3/21

It’s the First Unofficial P.G. Wodehouse Day

Also Known as June First


So, despite the weak imitation (sorry), we celebrate 100 years, or whatever it is, of Wooster and Jeeves stories. So go read a P.G. Wodehouse book. Don’t have one? Buy one. Too cheap to buy one? Borrow one at the local lending library. Or borrow one from a friend. None of your circle of friends have any P.G. Wodehouse books? Get better friends.

Filed 6/1/21

Last Family Friendly Monday in May

family10b family10b

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 5/31/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr6b Dr-Dr6a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 5/29/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Anything Is Impossible

weary-dog9b weary-dog9a

Filed 5/28/21


It’s Humpday! Here’s the Head Hump!

joe18BG joe18b joe18b joe18b joe18b joe18a joe18c

Filed 5/26/21

Doodlemation Monday

A Short, Short, Short Story; In Fact a Paragraphic Tale

sharkLeg sharkLeg sharkMan

Edmund had somehow gotten it into his brain, such as it was, that he had become, not unlike like Gregor Sampsa, some kind of shark, not of the noted deep-sea variety, but a rarer fresh-air type, trolling the lawns of the immediate area. The neighbors, giving him a wide berth, stared askance at such a spectacle, all the while harboring deep suspicions about the disappearance of their Pomeranian.

Filed 5/24/21


Thinking Off the Rock

What If…

thinker1b thinker1a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

Filed 5/22/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Common Unsense?

kat6b kat6a

Filed 5/20/21


Blah Blah Blah

joe17bg joe17b joe17c joe17a

Filed 5/18/21

Family Friendly Friday Is Back

family9b family9a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 5/14/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr5b Dr-Dr5a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 5/13/21

Humpday Doodlemation

floatyBalloon floatyJew floatyholeTop
floatylegL floatylegR floatyBiden floatyarmL floatyarmR

Filed 5/12/21

Weary the Talking Dog

The Miracle of Democracy

weary-dog8b weary-dog8a

Filed 5/11/21

Cynical Saturday

Br-r-r. Where’s Spring Already?


Filed 5/8/21


TV Flashback Update

invadersBG invadersglow
invadersUFO invadersballoon

Filed 5/6/21

Kurmugeon Kat

Remember the… uh… hm-m-m

kat5b kat5a

Filed 5/5/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr4b Dr-Dr4a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 5/3/21