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The Periodic Table of Dark Matter
The Emperor’s New Fabric of Space

Headlines Torn from the Pages of History (and Thrown Away)
Things That Didn’t Happen in 2015

USA No Way
Fake But Accurate News

Compare & Save Big-Time
Are You Paying Exaggerated Prices for Exaggerated Differences?

How Not to Be Taken for a Ride on the Bus
Our Mass Transit Primer

Win Any Argument
Using Paralogic and Surreason

Quick and Easy Housekeeping
For the Cleaning Impared

Periodic Table of Hollywood Plot Elements
Lights, Camera, Reaction!

How ESP Works
Mind Reading Diagramed and Explained

Mysteries of UFOs Revealed
They’re Here, They Are, They Are, They Are

Economic Jargon, Lingo, and Gobbledegook Deciphered
Your Guide to Money Mutterings

American History 101 2.0
The Fake But Accurate Story

Cosmology Willikers
A Shorter History of Everything and Nothing

Government Machinery at Work
How the Wheels of the Bureaucracy Grind

Those Darn Cats
Our Deal With the Devils


Flight Made Simple
An Easy Way to Understand How Planes Can Fly

How Planes Can Fly
The Correct Explanation of Lift for Non-Engineers

Bad Lift Demonstrations Corrected
Putting Bernoulli and Coandă in Their Proper Place

The Trouble With Airflow Diagrams
That Confuse Rather than Enlighten


Extra Dimensions of Existence Don’t Exist
There Is No Three in 3-D

Counter-Steering Made Easy-Peasy
Balancing a Bike by Turning

Notes for Young Illustrators
Learn from My Experience, or Get Your Own

Folk Etymology Folks Invent From Whole Cloth
False and True Origins of Common Phrases

How We Make the Easy Life Harder
Shutting Ourselves Out by Moving the Goalposts –Why Being Middle Class Was Easier Fifty Years Ago

What Fabric Is The Fabric of Space Made Of?
Space Warps, Time Wefts and Bent Reality

Money Is the Root of All Stupidity
Bad Advice and Worse Ideas You May Have Run Across

Changes that Changed Everything
The 10 Greatest Inventions of All Time?

The Story of Honey
The Processed Food Processed by Bees

Bikes Don’t Turn By Leaning
Proving Cones and Gyroscopes Are Futile

How I Nearly Ran Myself Over With My First Car
My Motoring Misadventure With a Jerry-rigged Jalopy

Optical Illusions You Often Run Into
Don’t Worry, They Don’t Hurt



Mythical Monsters and Concocted Creatures
Name the Animated Natural Blunder Game


Great War Bloopers and Tactical Jokes
Tommy Foolery, Fritz Flops, Pierre-Balls, Atta-Turkeys and Igor-Blymies

Discovery of the Element of Surprise
Pathétic News Presents

Middle-Aged Mundane Made Over to Modern
A Video Guide

Animated Optical Illusions
Webio-Bot Gets Taken for a Ride

Webio-Bot Meets the Internet
Getting Into the Net With the Web-a-Tron 9000


Play Webio-Bot Maze
A Lab Rat Game, Only With Your Mouse

Just What Kind of a Person Are You Anyway?
Take the Personality Test and Discover the True You

Find the Elusiver, Mysteriouser Creatures
Another Search Game

Consult the Mystic 8 Ball
Ultimate Mystic Service Answers Any Yes-or-No Question

Play Whack-a-Bot
Quick, Get ‘Em!

Play Webio-Bot Rescue
A Game Where You're the Hero

Play Webio-Bot Invaders
Save the Planet

Find the Secret Message
A different Kind of Word Search

Hollywhat? Movie Trivia Challenge
A Movie Trivia Quiz of the Funny, the Obscure, and the Strange

I Will Read Your Mind Online
With Internetelepathy


The kind of thing you might have seen in Cracked magazine but didn’t

X-Y Axis Charts off the Grid
Connecting the Dots & Plotting the Plots

Gag Cartoon Gallery
Jokes Without a Lot of Reading

E-Z P-Z House Selling
Redirect, Repackage, Relabel

Airline Travel Made Stupid
Everthing You Never Wanted to Know About Air Travel

Winless Wear
2008 Detroit Lions Merchandise


Ships Aho-Ho-Hoy  A flotilla of Naval Flops

Win Any Argument  Abridged Version

The B-B-Q Pyramid  For the Cooking Unimpaired

Mythic Snowmen  And More Snowmen

Venn Again, Maybe Not  Another Last Laugh

Quick and Easy Meals  For the Cooking Impaired


Baseball Stadia for the ’90s

Bizarre Business Cards We Hope We Never See

Complete Guide to Piercing

CRACKED's Plan to Balance the Federal Budget in ONE Year

The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be

History’s Least Successful Proto Humans

Just Plane Stupid

Landmark Remodeling

Personalized Remotes

Police Line-ups Around the World (and Beyond)

Roller Coaster Mania

Tanks, But No Tanks

Trojan Horse Designs That Didn’t Quite Make it

Umpire Outfitters Catalog

Ye Olde Transport Catalogue


Suck School of Comic Art –Graduate Course
How to Draw Funnier

Suck School of Comic Art
How to Draw Funny

Crash Course
Cartoon Motorcycle Accidents Versus Cartoonist Motorcycle Accidents

Happy Suckiversary
Play Art Director



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Newsy Spoofs  All our news and predictions fit to fake

Fauxcabulary  All our made up words


The American Cornucopia

Crossword for Illiterates

Disunited States of America –after the Breakup

Hooray for Hollywar Film Clichés

The Ministry of “Quotations”

NuSA? We Rename the States

Persistence of Rotary Vision Week

Soccer’s Wildly Improbable Medical Palpitations (WIMP)

Spinflation: Cheaper Though It Costs More

Star Dreck –Musings of a Semi Hemi Demi Trekker

Turn Vice into Virtue by Acting Naturally

What the Music You Listen to Says About You


Better Than Sliced Bread –Uncelebrated Inventions Great and Small

Keeping Descriptions in Order

Lucky Lindy in Combat

Mouse Utopia –Too Much of a Good Thing or Nothing Fails Like Success

Not So Magnificent Flying Machines Week

Talk Like a Sailor Week –Common phrases with nautical origins

The Union Jack, Three Flags in One

Why a Mile Is 5,280 Feet

Why a Nautical Mile Is Not One Mile

Why There Are 24 Hours in a Day and 60 Minutes in an Hour


Plasma-Electric Universe:

Thunderbolts Project

Plasma Cosmology


Electric Cosmos



Forgotten Weapons

History Buffs


Jay Leno’s Garage

Jordan Peterson


Newmark’s Door

Peoples Cube


Zero Hedge

Z Man

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