2021 January-June

Thinking Off the Rock

Like Greased Lightning Maybe?

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thinker4a thinkerhead
thinkerskull thinker

Filed 6/30/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

A Message for Ewe All

kat8b kat8a

Filed 6/28/21

Back to Basics Friday


More answers to HOW than you can shake a stick at (for all the good stick shaking would have done)

How Planes Can Fly
The Correct Explanation of Lift for Non-Engineers

How to Win Any Argument
Using Paralogic and Surreason

How to Talk Like a Sailor
Common Phrases with Nautical Origins

Suck School of Comic Art
How to Draw Funny

Filed 6/25/21


Humpday Humpy Returns

joe-BG 20-B 20-A 20-C

Filed 6/23/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Tail of Two Cities

weary-dog10b weary-dog10a

Filed 6/22/21

summerBG summerGlow summerTop

Filed 6/21/21

Day Late, Dollar short, Again

And Who Do I Owe the Dollar To?

malingershoe1 malingershoe1 malinger1
malingershoe1 malingershoe1 malinger2
malingershoe1 malingershoe1 malinger3

I feel more of a malingerer, more remiss in my self-imposed duties by neglecting updating terrycolon.com (despite its almost total dearth of readership) than in not doing the laundry; you know, a real task and not digital virtual chore. Either I’ve got my priorities mixed up, or because folks across the webbie globe can tell if the site is behind times while no-one will ever know if my boxer briefs are beyond their wash-by date. Besides, I have my waning has-been reputation to uphold.

Then again, maybe I’m just the world's worst procrastinator. Though come to think of it, wouldn’t being the worst procrastinator mean I’d do everything in a timely fashion? Putting things off too long would make me a good procrastinator, right?

Filed 6/18/21

Tu Tu Day


Filed 6/17/21


Thinking Off the Rock

More than Forever; Forever and Ever

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thinkerskull thinker

Filed 6/16/21

Too Too Day


Filed 6/15/21

Cynical Fry Day

It’s Hot Out There


Remember, one third of tax revenue pays for interest on the national debt. And guess who pockets all that interest?

Filed 6/11/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

Woke Up and Smell the Kool-Aid

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Filed 6/9/21

It’s Friday Again

19-B 19-A

Filed 6/4/21


Thinking Off the Rock

What If…

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thinkerskull thinker

Filed 6/3/21

It’s the First Unofficial P.G. Wodehouse Day

Also Known as June First


So, despite the weak imitation (sorry), we celebrate 100 years, or whatever it is, of Wooster and Jeeves stories. So go read a P.G. Wodehouse book. Don’t have one? Buy one. Too cheap to buy one? Borrow one at the local lending library. Or borrow one from a friend. None of your circle of friends have any P.G. Wodehouse books? Get better friends.

Filed 6/1/21

Last Family Friendly Monday in May

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Filed 5/31/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr6b Dr-Dr6a

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Filed 5/29/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Anything Is Impossible

weary-dog9b weary-dog9a

Filed 5/28/21


It’s Humpday! Here’s the Head Hump!

18-B 18-A

Filed 5/26/21

Doodlemation Monday

A Short, Short, Short Story; In Fact a Paragraphic Tale

sharkLeg sharkLeg sharkMan

Edmund had somehow gotten it into his brain, such as it was, that he had become, not unlike like Gregor Sampsa, some kind of shark, not of the noted deep-sea variety, but a rarer fresh-air type, trolling the lawns of the immediate area. The neighbors, giving him a wide berth, stared askance at such a spectacle, all the while harboring deep suspicions about the disappearance of their Pomeranian.

Filed 5/24/21


Thinking Off the Rock

What If…

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thinkerskull thinker

Filed 5/22/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

Common Unsense?

kat6b kat6a

Filed 5/20/21


Blah Blah Blah

17-A 17-B 17-C

Filed 5/18/21

Family Friendly Friday Is Back

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Filed 5/14/21


Doctor! Doctor!

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Filed 5/13/21

Humpday Doodlemation

floatyBalloon floatyJew floatyholeTop
floatylegL floatylegR floatyBiden floatyarmL floatyarmR

Filed 5/12/21

Weary the Talking Dog

The Miracle of Democracy

weary-dog8b weary-dog8a

Filed 5/11/21

Cynical Saturday

Br-r-r. Where’s Spring Already?


Filed 5/8/21


TV Flashback Update

invadersBG invadersglow
invadersUFO invadersballoon

Filed 5/6/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

Remember the… uh… hm-m-m

kat5b kat5a

Filed 5/5/21


Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr4b Dr-Dr4a

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Filed 5/3/21

Weary the Talking Dog

What Passes for Music

weary-dog7b weary-dog7a

Filed 4/30/21


It’s Humpday! Here’s Humpy!

16-A 16-B

Filed 4/28/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

Founders Lost

kat4b kat4a

Filed 4/26/21


Another Family Friendly Friday

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Filed 4/23/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Unlike the Other Man Said

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Filed 4/21/21

Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr3b Dr-Dr3a

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Filed 4/20/21


It’s Not Friday the 13th Not on Tuesday

15-B 15-A

Filed 4/19/21

Family Friendly Friday

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Filed 4/16/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

I Have a Dream

kat3b kat3a

Filed 4/14/21


It’s Friday the 13th on Tuesday

joe-BG 14-B joe-leg joe-leg 14-A

Filed 4/13/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Unlike the Man Said

weary-dog5B weary-dog5A

Filed 4/9/21

Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr2b Dr-Dr2a

Mouseover art for punchline

Original gag: Christine Schrum via Reader's Digest

Filed 4/8/21


Monday on Tuesday This Week

13-A 13-B

Filed 4/6/21

Kurmudgeon Kat

How We Got Where We Got

kat2b kat2a

Filed 4/5/21

First Family Friendly Friday in April

family6b family6c family6a

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Filed 4/2/21




Top Ten Things Starting Today

  1. Honest-like media
  2. Smaller-ish big business
  3. Less-is-more government
  4. Unbiased-sort-of science
  5. Balanced-seeming education
  6. Fair-like courts
  7. Intelligent-esque administration
  8. Mostly mask-free living
  9. Freedom-free living
  10. April fools day!

Filed 4/1/21

Doctor! Doctor!

Dr-Dr1b Dr-Dr1a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 3/31/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Still Speaking of the New Regime

weary-dog4B weary-dog4A

Filed 3/30/21


One Week Later It’s Monday Again

joe-BG joe-legs 12-A

It’s Family Friendly Friday

family5b family5a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 3/19/21

Kurmudgeon Kat


Filed 3/24/21

Again It’s Monday

11-B 11-A

Filed 3/22/21


Spring Springs

spring21bg spring21shine
spring21coil spring21flower

Hallelujah! It’s the first day of Spring! Winter is over, but the insanity lives on. Over one year and counting

Spring Cleaning To Don’t List

In so many words of somebody-or-other, this is what change looks like. Anyway, history has shown us the experts are never wrong, the media never lies, and our leaders are always benevolent.

Filed 3/20/21


It’s Family Friendly Friday Again

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Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 3/19/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Speaking of the New Regime


Filed 3/18/21

Pay No Attention to the Snake-Man Behind the Curtain

march2 march1 march3 Mtext1 Mtext2 Mtext3
march4 march5

What? Huh? Why, it’s the current year; Fake is the new reality. As it ever was for millennia. If none of this makes sense, well, it never happened anyway.

Filed 3/17/21


It’s Monday Yet Again

joe-BG 10-B 10-A

Filed 3/15/21


It’s Another Family Friendly Friday

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Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 3/12/21

Weary the Talking Dog

Speaking of Health Care “Heroes”


Filed 3/11/21


It’s Humpday!

humps1 humps1 humps3
humps1 humps1 humps5
humps1 humps1 humps4
humps1 humps1 humps2

Top Ten Humps

  1. Humphrey Bogart
  2. Humpty Dumpty
  3. Humpback of Notre Dame
  4. Engelbert Humperdinck
  5. Humpalong Cassidy
  6. Hubert Humphrey
  7. George Whump Bush
  8. Angela “Die Humpfrau” Merkel
  9. “Humpy” Joe Biden
  10. Gamel the Camel

Filed 3/10/21

It’s Cynical Doodle Day

demon2 demon

Filed 3/9/21


It’s Monday Again

joe-leg joe-leg
joe9b joe9c joe9b
joe-body 9-balloon

Filed 3/8/21


It’s Family Friendly Friday Again

family2b family2a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 3/5/21

Weary the Talking Dog


Filed 3/4/21



todo2 todo1

Roget’s To-Do List

Filed 3/3/21


tumbril3 tumbril4 tumbril1 tumbril2 tumbril2

Trapped like rats in technocracy — Or mice, more like, in Utopia. Self-Driving car takes you where MSGoogle.gov directs. Keep head inside vehicle at all times.

Filed 3/2/21


It’s March Again

8-A 8-B 8-A

Filed 3/1/21

It’s Silly Saturday

slug6 slug3 slug5 slug2 slug7 slug4 slug4

Filed 2/27/21


It’s Family Friendly Friday

family1b family1a

Mouseover art for punchline

Filed 2/26/21


It’s Not Only Monday

7-B 7-A

Filed 2/24/21


Better than Ten by Two


Top Twelve Reasons People Visit terrycolon.com

  1. For the cartoons.
  2. For the advice.
  3. There isn’t any advice.
  4. I was confused, I thought it was about colon cleansing.
  5. You mean enemas?
  6. Yes, clysters or enemas. I didn’t want to say it.
  7. Clysters?
  8. Or enemas. Same thing.
  9. I didn’t know that.
  10. And I came here for advice.
  11. I told you there is no advice.
  12. Then I came for the cartoons.

Filed 2/23/21


It’s Only Monday

joe-leg joe-leg
joe6b joe6b joe6c
joe-body 6-balloon

Filed 2/22/21


It’s Friday, Thank Goodness

zom-vam2 zom-vam2 zom-vam1 zom-vam1

Filed 2/19/21


Uh… Thursday Again


Filed 2/18/21


It’s Only Tuesday

5-B 5-A

Filed 2/12/21


Dumb & Dummy

“Switching Gear(s)”

next dummy34b
next dummy34c

Mouseover tabs for new toon panels

Filed 2/15/21

This Week’s First Friday of the Week

joe-BG 4-B 4-A

Filed 2/12/21


Uh… Thursday


Filed 2/11/21


Dumb & Dummy

“Be Gone”

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next dummy33c
next dummy33d

Mouseover tabs for new toon panels

Filed 2/10/21

Cliché Theater

clicheBG cliche1 cliche11 cliche2 cliche12 cliche3 cliche13 cliche4 cliche14 cliche5 cliche15 cliche6 cliche16 cliche7 cliche17 cliche8 cliche18 cliche9 cliche19 cliche10 cliche20

The very first and, if were lucky, only entertainment of its kind.

Filed 2/8/21


This Week’s First Friday of the Month

3-B 3-A

Filed 2/5/21


It’s Day After Groundhoke Day!

octotax1 octotax2

Mouseover art and see for yourself

Redone and refiled 2/3/21


It’s Groundhoke Day!

groundhokeBG groundhokeBG2
groundhoke groundhokebrows groundhokeeyes
groundtext1 groundtext2 groundtext3

Filed 2/2/21


Today’s First Monday of the Month

joe-leg joe-leg
2-leg 2-leg
joe-body 2-balloon

Filed 2/1/21


Excuses, Excuses

Actual excuses for being late to work from actual people, who I imagine actually thought they’d get away with. As borrowed from coburgbanks.co.uk via Reader’s Digest, actually.

excuses7 excuses2
excuses7 excuses3
excuses7 excuses4
excuses7 excuses5
excuses7 excuses6

Mouseover balls for lame excuses

Filed 1/28/21


It’s Frivolous Wednesday

coin3 coin1 coin2

Ever wonder why is a coin toss “heads or tails”? Look at your typical coin; One side has a head, the other side has something-or-other than a head. You get one head, not heads. Or one something-or-other than a head, not more than one. So why the plural “heads or tails” when it seems it should be “head or tail.”

On the other hand, the other side really, why tails? Heads I get; Coins often have a person depicted in profile on one side, i.e., a head. Tails I don’t get; I’ve never seen a coin with a tail on the other side. Buildings, scenes, animals, crests and stuff like that, yes. But a tail, no. How did the something-or-other than a head ever come by that term?

This is the kind of thing retirees with lots of time to kill think about. And create animation for. And then inflict it all on unsuspecting web viewers.

Filed 1/27/21

Nothing Doing Monday Posting


Nothing new but the date. So I reprised a doodle as art. Of sorts. Hm-m-m. This might be why this site is number 125 millionth in the Web Hit Parade. See ya tomorrow.

Filed 1/25/21


Today’s Friday of the Week

joe-leg joe-leg
joe-body 1-balloon 1-balloonB

Filed 1/22/21


Dumb & Dummy

“Vote Your Bias Early and Often”

dummy32d dummy32b
dummy32e dummy32c

Mouseover tabs for punch lines

Filed 1/20/21


This Week’s Quote of the Day

micro1 micro2 micro4 micro3

Filed 1/19/21

This Week’s Word of the Day

cuck2 cuck1 cuck3 cuck4 cuck5 cuck6

cuckold (kŭk′ əld) noun, A man whose wife is unfaithful. transitive verb, To make a cuckold of.

The word cuckold comes from the cuckoo bird. Not that the bird made up the word, all it can say is “cuckoo cuckoo,” rather the word cuckold was inspired by the cuckoo’s lifestyle. And I don’t mean living in clocks and cuckooing on the hour day and night. See, the cuckoo lays its eggs in other birds’ nests, presumably while the other birds aren’t looking, and let’s the other poor birds raise the chicks while the cuckoo sneaks away and goofs off, or whatever it is these lazy birds do.

Now then about that silly animation. If I have to explain it, you won’t like it.

Filed 1/18/21


Retro TV Rebuses


The TV shows are retro, the rebuses are brand spanking new. Can you decipher the superhero and science fiction television show picture pun puzzles? Here’s a couple samples. Click the link for the rest.

Mouseover rebus to show the meanings of the pics and symbols
Mouseover pic meanings to show the solution to the puzzle


Rebus Challenge: Super Sci-Fi TV –Can you decipher the superhero and science fiction television show picture pun puzzles?

Want more? Go to the other bits:

Rebus Challenge: Meat the Beetles
–Can You Decipher the Fab Four Picture Pun Puzzles?

Rebus Challenge: Rerun TV –Can You Decipher the Television Picture Pun Puzzles?

Rebus Challenge: Old Movies –Can You Decipher the Filmdom Picture Pun Puzzles?

Bird Spotters Rebus Guide –Picture Pun Puzzles for I-D-ing Our Fine Feathered Friends

Filed 1/15/21

Friday Posting: In Which I Try My Hand at Humor


One just has to figure the most difficult position to get would be Devil’s advocate. Just consider how many lawyers there are down there.

Filed 1/8/21


Too Many Head Writers Spoil the daily


So far the staff here at terrycolon.com has not been very productive for 2021. But the year is still young. Unlike the staff which is still old. Elderly even. All the same, I’m hoping to whip them into shape soon. If possible. As you can see, they’re not looking too lively. Or even alive now that I look closer. Whatever the case, I haven’t given up entirely yet. Stress on the yet.

Filed 1/7/21

Happy New Year?

empty-studio1 empty-studio2

Another year on tap and I got… nothing so far. Still, I thought I’d do a quick entry so my handful or readers would know I haven’t abandoned the the old site. That’s it for now. Soon there’ll be some new rebuses and some old jokes and… something. Only time will tell. Until then, enjoy the archives. (see menus left)

Filed 1/4/21