2022 January-June

Ah-h-h-h, Summer


Summer is here. And there. And all around the town, as the song doesn’t go. And now, though you didn’t ask for it, a brief history of summer. The word summer comes from the last Germanic Goddess, Elke Summer in about 1810 or so. (Mother of Otto of Ulm, was the father of the car, the Ottomobile.) Elke translates to hot and Summer translates to something like Gol-darnit, so Elke Summer is hot damn! Before Elke (BE) there was no summer and spring ran right into fall, much to the consternation of early Americans as it shortened baseball season dramatically.

After summer was invented the Earth slowly warmed and, instead of enjoying the warm glow of it all like sensible people, psuedo-scientists and their followers got all in a dither about it and concocted all manner of cockeyed schemes to make it go away. King Canute could have told them it was a fool’s errand to try to stop the tides or the weather, but some folks never learn from history. Probably because they’re ignorant of history.

No then, the Sumers of ancient Sumeria… forget it, it’s summer. Relax. You’ll feel better.

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Talking Heads

AKA Wokum-Hokum Day

talk-heads-17 talk-heads-17

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Stranger than True


Top Ten Heros of Science Fiction of It’s the Current Year

  1. H.G. Wells
  2. Jules Verne
  3. Trofim Lysenko
  4. Al Gore
  5. Isaac Asimov
  6. Bill Nye
  7. Ray Bradbury
  8. Rachel Carson
  9. Ansel Keys
  10. Michael Mann
  11. Anthony Fouci
  12. Albert Einstein

Yep, that’s more than ten. Why, it must be a scientificky paradox of the Xth dimension.

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Go Go Go Go Go Joe

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Kurmudgeon Kat

Ahh, Modernity


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A Four Day Late New His Story of June


June is named for Juno, the Roman Goddess of teachers and graduation ceremonies celebrated by letting the monkeys out. Juno is usually depicted wearing a white belt, white shoes, a long toga, or gown, with a tasseled flat square on her head. The latter represents a mortarboard, or hod, for her being a Mason, or cementhead in the vernacular. The tassel dangling from the mortarboard stands for remembering or something, I don’t rightly recall. Anyway, the association with this square topper with knowing is where the expression, “Off the top of my head” comes from.

June is also the month when summer starts. The word summer, related to simmer, means, “God, it’s hot.” Though in Roman times it was, “Goddess, it’s hot.” Juno herelf was not hot, but rather more like a neat and tidy old maid schoolmarm from the Greek island of Lesbos, where grooming in schools was practically a cult.

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Friday Doodling Around


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Weary the Cynical Dog

Welcome to Amiracle

weary-dog20 weary-dog20

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Talking Heads

Humpday He-He-Huh?

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Ta-tum Tum


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Doodle Time

It’s a Wobbly World this Monday

wobbly2 wobbly1

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Sir, Ha Ha, Sir


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Talking Heads

Humpday Ho Ho


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Mise Un Scène


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Three Cheers!!!


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Thursday Funnies


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Kurmudgeon Kat

Das Krapital

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Go Guff from Gauche Joe

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Kurmudgeon Kat

Talkin’ Bout My G-G-G-Generation


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Talking Heads

Monday Funnies

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In honor of the Late, Great, Henry Boltinoff

Once more, Spot the Six Different Differences


“I don’t get it. How about, ‘A difference that makes no difference
is no Difference’?”

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In honor of the Late, Great, Henry Boltinoff

Spot the Six More Differences from Yesterday’s and Wednesday’s Toons


“I don’t get it. How about, ‘Much more now than before’?”

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In honor of the Late, Great, Henry Boltinoff

Spot the Six Differences from Yesterday’s Toon with this Version as Originally Done


“It’s absolutely meaningless yet patriotic at the same time.
I love it.”

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Gag Cartoonery


“You can’t say that nowadays, it’s positively un-American.”

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Thinking off the Rock

Live and Learn

thinkerhead thinkerskull thinker thinker20a thinker20b

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Weary the Cynical Dog

Left Behinds

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April Fool, all Month Long

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Talking Heads

Humpday Heh Heh Heh

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Gag Cartoonery


“Permission to treat Mr. Minsky as a hostile witness.”

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Thinking off the Rock

Giving It 110%

thinkerhead thinkerskull thinker thinker19a

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April Fools Day Just Keeps Going and Going and Going…

  1. Dupe
  2. Dope
  3. Doped Dupe
  4. Unfunny Stooge
  5. Useful Fool
  6. Covidiot
  7. Neo Zombie
  8. Woking Dead
  9. Eloi
  1. Genetically Modified Organism
  2. Guinea Pig
  3. Kiwi Sheep
  4. Pharma Profit Center
  5. Double Blind Study
  6. Collateral Damage
  7. Dead Man Waking
  8. Shot Victim

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Gag Cartoonery


“Just once couldn’t I do a crossword or something instead?”

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It’s Saturday and We All Know What That Means


It means yesterday was Friday. It means if all goes according to plan, tomorrow is Sunday. If things aft agley, as the poet Burns put it, tomorrow will be Monday and we’ll be back at work again having missed our well-deserved, or not, day of rest. If things go catastrophically bad it will be Doomsday. And we all know what that means. No more terrycolon.com. Oh No-o-o-o-o!

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Talking Heads

Must be Those Cold Winters


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Kurmudgeon Kat

Sign of The Times


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Thinking off the Rock

English, What a Language

thinker17 thinker18a thinker18b

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Kurmudgeon Kat

Sign of the Time(s)


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Gag Cartoonery


“I see big changes for you in the spring.”

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Same Old Same Joe

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Talking Heads

So They Promised

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Thinking off the Rock

Hey! What’s the Meaning of This?!

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Gag Cartoonery


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Bucks Yucks


Top 10 Funny Money ($US)

  1. Simply Red cent
  2. John Wooden nickel
  3. Stoponna dime
  4. Latin quarter
  5. Hiyo Silver dollar
  6. Rip Torn dollar bill
  7. Desmond Tutu dollar bill
  8. High Five dollar bill
  9. Rin-Tin-Ten dollar bill
  10. Funniest of all: Harriet Tubman 20 dollar bill

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Gag Cartoonery


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Quick Quips from P.J. O’Rourke In Honor of P.J. O’Rourke (R.I.P.)


And now a few sarcastic words from my favorite curmudgeon not named H.L. Mencken.

“When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”

“The Democrats are the party that says government will make you smarter, taller, richer, and remove the crabgrass on your lawn… The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.”

“If you are young and you drink a great deal it will spoil your health, slow your mind, make you fat — in other words, turn you into an adult.”

“The question is not how does government work, but how to make it stop.”

All courtesy of the poison pen of P.J. O’Rourke. Though he probably writes on a computer.

First filed 11/16/12

More That Was the Blog that Wasn’t

webtronic7 webtronic7
webtronic2 webtronic2 webtronic1 webtronic3 webtronic3 webtronic4 webtronic4 webtronic5 webtronic6

As I wrote yesterday…

Before aborting the biggish reworking of the old site, I entertained many possible names for the non-feature throwaway content, formerly called a blog, before settling on The Daily Dump. Not the most original title, perhaps, but if the shoe fits and all that…

And so on.

And now…

Top Twenty-one through Forty (if that’s a thing) Free Website and/or Blog Names Nobody Asked for

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That Was the Blog that Wasn’t

empty-studio blgnames1 blgnames1 blgnames1 blgnames1 blgnames1 blgnames1

Before aborting the biggish reworking of the old site, I entertained many possible names for the non-feature throwaway content, formerly called a blog, before settling on The Daily Dump. Not the most original title, perhaps, but if the shoe fits and all that. Anyway, I opted to use it notwithstanding. Still, with any luck my Daily Dump will be one of the 50 best web-things named Daily Dump you’ll find, if you were inclined to look for web-things named Daily Dump.

This means I have a whole smattering, or maybe part of a smattering since I don’t know how many are in a full smattering, of unused titles and subtitles which I have absolutely no need of. These I offer free of charge to the public at large, or rather the public at their computers reading this, which is not a very large public, but never mind. Without further ado…

Top Twenty Free Website and/or Blog Names (with free free subheads) Nobody Asked for

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You Know You’re Old when…


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Talking Heads

Or So They Tell Me

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Family Friendly Funnies

Does Dr Kimble Know about This?

family13b family13a

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Kurmudgeon Kat

Kurmudgeonly Kommentary on Our Kommissars

kat16-b kat16

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That Was the Year that Wasn’t

Bullsheet Edition:

fake-news1 fake-news2 fake-news3 fake-news4 fake-news5

Top Nine Things that Could Have But Didn’t Happen in 2021

  1. Newest surprise for NASA scientists – space probe indicates Mars tests positive for Covid
  2. Only 30 hospitalized in BLM mostly peaceful celebration of Nobel peace prize
  3. NYT columnist claims spontaneous chanting at sports events shows Joe “Let’s Go” Biden is most popular president ever
  4. Girls catching up to boys in sports – “This is what sex change looks like,” said former male Olympian Caitlyn Jenner
  5. Climate continues multi-million year record of change despite thousands of idle windmills
  6. US Congress announces new government programs to help people put out of work by previous new government programs
  7. Conversationalists chagrined to find listeners mistake gag line, “Is the Pope Catholic?” for serious question
  8. Democrat controlled Congress passes hate vote law – Democrats sweep mid-terms with 99% of hate-free votes
  9. FIFA reassigns French national team to African confederation – Team members look forward to playing road games closer to home

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