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One and Counting…

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Filed 12/31/22

End of a Legend (x2)


The sporting world mourns the passing of Brazilian soccer legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, no doubt one of the all-time greats. Was he, as some would have it in the many tributes, the best ever? Hard to say, it’s always difficult comparing players from different eras. An assessment confounded by the recency bias. I mean, people today have seen hundreds of hours of Messi and Renaldo playing and maybe an hour or two of Pelé. All the same, before buying all the panegyrics for “O Rei” (The King) you may want to consider something I wrote in 2018:

The Overblown Legend of Pelé

Filed 12/30/22

What, a Year?

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For your between the holidays viewing: the best of the Daily Dump 2022. Hm-m-m… on review it appears everything posted in 2022 was equally good. Which also means everything was equally bad. Let’s just say it was all equally equal. Still, like in any good animal farm, some things are more equal than others. With that in mind, I give you…

The Equal Ten Equally Equal Posts of 2022

These are the most equal one-off bits and not the cartoony series bits for reasons that will be divulged in the new year. Stay tuned. Or come back later since it’s going to be a while yet.

Filed 12/28/22

Doctor Killjoke

Go Joke Go…

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My Christmas gift to the reader. It’s a gag gift. Get it? Ha-a-ar har-har-har!

Filed 12/23/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

Tis the Season To Be Grumpy

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Filed 12/21/22


Six and Counting…

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Filed 12/19/22


Kurmudgeon Kat

Better Living Through Commistry

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Filed 12/15/22

Doctor Killjoke

… 2… 1… Go for Joke…

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Filed 12/14/22

A Few Words from Izzy Wright


Filed 12/12/22

Silly Saturday


Top Ten Reasons to Object to This List

  1. It’s kinda stupid
  2. Ah, but stupid is the new clever
  3. That’s stupid
  4. Pretty clever, huh?
  5. No, it’s pretty stupid, you stupid idiot
  6. As opposed to a smart idiot?
  7. As opposed to a smart ass
  8. Better than a dumb ass
  9. Ga-a-ah, this list is nothing but half-assed banter
  10. As opposed to full-assed banter?
  11. I give up, this is the worst top ten list ever
  12. I’ll say, it’s not even ten, it’s 14
  13. Ah, but top 14 is the new top ten
  14. You were right from the start, this list is kinda stupid

Filed 12/10/22


Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

Why Knot

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Filed 12/9/22


Family Friendly Fun Illustrated

Fretty Punny

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Refiled 12/6/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

Believe It or Nuts

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Filed 12/3/22

Mystery Post

Suprised alien shot in the forehead. Once you see it you can't unsee it. Must be an optical delusion.

Filed 12/2/22

One More Last Overtime

Kthursday Kthursday

Filed 12/1/22

Doodle Go Time

Mass Terrace Talks


Filed 11/30/22


Kurmudgeon Kat

Better Living Through Commistry

kat-26 kat-26

Filed 11/29/22


One Last Overtime

Kmonday Kmonday

Filed 11/28/22

Filed 11/28/22


One Last Time

Ksunday Ksunday

Filed 11/27/22


Based on an Old Calendar

Ksaturday Ksaturday

Filed 11/26/22


Based on a True Calendar

Kfriday2022 Kfriday2022

The calendar on my wall actually has Black Friday noted, but no Thanksgiving. But then, it’s not a commercially printed calendar but a hand-made one I got as a gift. Still, a telling omission or a forehead-slapping mess-up? I think the latter. I mean, who’s against Thanksgiving?

Filed 11/25/22


To a Happy (or Mildly Amusing at Any Rate) Thanksgiving

thanksgiving2022 thanksgiving2022

Filed 11/24/22


Family Friendly Fun Illustrated

Reviving and Revising the Old Good Clean Fun Joke Riddle in Cartoon Form

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Refiled 11/21/22


Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

Sigmund und Supersigmund

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Filed 10/19/22

Boys in the Hoodie

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Filed 11/16/22



No Exit Stage Left

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Filed 11/14/22


Happy Voting, as if

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Filed 11/13/22


Crotchety Crackpot

Time Gripe Time

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Thought I would try out a newish style of drawing, all done on the computer machine, just for the heck of it. Anyhow, this is version three. After all, according to somebody-or-other famous the first draft of any­thing is crap. And according to the old saw, the third time’s the charm. What’s the truth of any of the above? Ah-h-h, there’s the rub. Shakespeare. Maybe.

This being the updated fifth version, it seems the first four drafts of anything are crap. To be continued?

Refiled 11/12/22


Go, Go Go Joe, Go!

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Filed 11/3/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

And Democracy Backwards Is Ease Are Comedy Nah

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Filed 11/1/22



I decided to do my bed linen today. It’s Halloween and there was a bit of a mix up and… well, I’ll just say I’m now haunted by the cleanest ghosts in town.

Filed 10/31/22


Talking Heads

All the News That’s Print to Fit the Narrative

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Filed 10/26/22


Thinking off the Rock

Does a Dead Cat Really Bounce?

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thinker25a thinker25b

Filed 10/24/22


Talking Heads

“Borrowed” Anecdote Friday

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Paraphrased from Gary Klein, via Reader’s Digest. Added bit by yours truly.

Filed 10/21/22


Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

Ambinary a Time

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Filed 10/19/22


Fearless Leader Thinks Twice? Think Again

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Filed 10/17/22


Thinking off the Rock

Twice the Bargain at Half the Price

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Filed 10/14/22

Because Science Is Real …    Funny


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Filed 10/12/22


Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

Buy Nary a Time

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Filed 10/10/22



Harvest Time... Yah, Right

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Filed 10/7/22


Kurmudgeon Kat

As Clinton Promised, Government that Looks Like America

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Filed 10/5/22


Brain Tweezers (Mit Dr. Sigmund Fraud)

Id and Egad

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Filed 9/30/22


Talking Heads

Anecdotally Yours*

talk-heads-22 talk-heads-22

*Actually not yours, not mine, Karen Love’s from Reader’s Digest

Filed 9/28/22

Gag Cartoonery


“Death is just Nature’s way of killing you.”

Filed in Gag Cartoonery 9/23/22


Spearless Feeder Leaks

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Filed 9/21/22

Gag Cartoonery


“Yes son, all men are created equal. But after that
you’re on your own.”

Filed in Gag Cartoonery 9/14/22


Kurmudgeon Kat

Start the Week with a Kat Komplaint

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Filed 9/12/22

Peerless Peer


Queen Elizabeth II has passed away ending the longest reign in British history. And so the crown passes to the Prince of Wales, Charles. But he won’t be King. In fact, he won’t be he. That’s because in our oh-so-Progressive times binary titles and pronouns are out, out, out. The New nomenclature is strictly gender non-specific, not masculine or feminine or anything in between, in other words neuter. That’s right, modern Progressive people have all been neutered.

So, Queen and King, forget that. The old lady and the old ways are dead and gone. Next on the throne, the gender neutral Queen-King: Quing Charles. Gone as well are him and her and he and she. The pronoun it replaces them all. Hence, Charles will be referred to as Its Majesty, the Quing. Royal Navy vessels will drop the designation HMS (His Majesty’s Ship) in favor of IMS (Its Majesty’s Ship).

There won’t be princes or princesses anymore either. William will no longer be Prince William, he’ll be, sorry, it’ll be Pring William, or Its Royal Highness the Pring of Wales. Pring William won’t have sons or daughters, they’ll be pringlets until they come of age. Or make up your own title, name, pronoun, whatever, since nowadays anything goes. Except the traditional, which has gone.

All the same, one thing won’t change — We can all, peer and peasant alike, still say, “We are not amused.”

Filed 9/9/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

Labor Day, Bah, Humbug

weary-dog25 weary-dog25

Filed 9/5/22

Kurmudgeon Kat

Later this Week


Filed 9/2/22

Talking Heads

And the Answer Is…


Filed 8/31/22

Gag Cartoonery


“Man, I thought that casual Friday thing had
run it’s course years ago.”

Filed in Gag Cartoonery 8/26/22



Later this Week

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Filed 8/24/22

It’s… It’s… It’s…


Filed 8/22/22


Thinking off the Rock

Worth Thinking about?

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Filed 8/19/22


Mr. Colon’s Neighborhoodie

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Filed 8/17/22

Kurmudgeon Kat

Born To Be Wild, er, Free


Filed 8/15/22




Filed 8/12/22


Talking Heads

True or False

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Filed 8/10/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

You Didn’t Hear It Here First

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Filed 8/8/22



Filed 8/5/22

I Think Therefore I Om


Filed in Gag Cartoonery 8/3/22

Fearless Leader Speaks

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Filed 8/1/22

The Times They Are a’Changling


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Filed 7/29/22


Thinking off the Rock

If I Were, uh, Rich Man?

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Filed 7/27/22



Mouseover Monday Quickie

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Filed 7/25/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

The Other Daily

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Filed 7/18/22


Talking Heads

It’s about Time

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Filed 7/14/22

Take Me to Our Leader

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Filed 7/13/22

Very Late or Very Early, Either Way… You Can Thank Me Later

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Filed 7/11/22


Weary the Cynical Dog

Ha Ha Ha, That’s Tragic

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To paraphrase Mel Brooks, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Ouch, ooch, that smarts! Comedy is when you fall into a well and die.”

Filed 7/6/22

Happy Independence Day?

Depends on Your Point of View

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And the point of view from under the bed: frightening!

Filed 7/4/22